We are committed to honesty in our reviews. We do not receive any compensation for our reviews, other than the occasional free review copy from a publisher or author. We can assure you that a free book in no way affects our reviews.

We also promote that negativity is NOT allowed on our page. We understand ALL authors work hard to put their thoughts, heart, and sometimes their soul in between those pages. Please take into consideration that if your book is not selected, it does not mean we don’t like your book, your book may just not be one of our genres. We will still try to read and review as many requests as possible! Due to also not allowing any negativity we won’t post reviews that are under a three star rating. Take into consideration that it doesn’t mean the book is horrible, it’s simply means that the book may not be to one of our liking. One person may rate the book 1 star, where another will rate the book at 5 stars. If you would still like a review sent to you, we will gladly do so. Thank you so much for understanding. ❤

Due to a recent FTC ruling we am required to let readers know that we are reviewing a book from a publisher or author. In the event that we are reviewing a free review copy, it will be noted below the book summary with the words “this book given free for review.”

ARC formats accepted: .mobi & .epub formats

Please fill out our review request form here.



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