~*~*~Review~*~*~Don’t Wake the Dead by CC Wood

This book was so much dam51E34Nn6ceL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_n fun and I can’t wait for the next in the series!!!

I’ve been a fan of CC’s from the moment she released her very first book and I can happily say this book was totally not the norm for her. That being said, I think she may have just struck the nail on the head and written a book that she was destined to create. It may not have been her norm, but it was oh so much better than I could have ever expected.

You will literally be placed on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime with this one as you go from laughing your ass off, to sitting on the edge of you seat dying to know what’s about to happen.
I literally could not have predicted where this story was set to go, and to me that makes this book just that much more special. The story line is completely original to me, with twists and turns left and right that will have you flipping page after page until you’re finished. The characters will have you dying of laughter until you have a cramp in your side, but they will also give you the feels something fierce.

I don’t know if there’s much more I could possibly say about this one. It was just so darn good and a breath of fresh air.

One thing is for sure though….

I will now be on the edge of my seat in anticipation until the next installment comes out. I predict this series is going to be one that just gets better and better as it goes on!

5 Great big spooky, yet hilarious stars!!!





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