~*~*~Review~*~*~Darkest Temptations by Charlene M Martin

W28691172.jpghen I came upon this series, the Author was completely new to me so I really had no idea what to expect from her or the series. I’m very happy to say that having read this series back to back, not only was I impressed with Miss Martin’s abilities to write a swoon worthy, compelling story, but I was incredibly impressed with the growth in which her writing developed as I continued on.

By the time you get to Rebecca and Nate’s story, you’re absolutely dying for what is to come. Right out the gate the Author will have you panting and flipping those pages as quick as you possibly can.

Darkest Temptations, is a fast paced, smoking hot read that will leave you unwilling to do anything until you’ve hit the very last page! I literally read this one in one sitting and it is by far my of the series so far.

The characters were put together and developed so well, that I was never once left feeling like I wanted more. Nate, however was something else completely! It isn’t often that you find a writer with the ability to give you a sexy dominating alpha, that will leave you swooning for his heart at the same time. The light side of Nate was just as large as his dark side, and was done in a way that complimented his character perfectly. It’s honestly rather hard to explain just what it was that was different about him then all of the other alpha’s I’ve read. Quite simply put, he was just different in every perfect way possible and I could not get enough of him!

I can’t wait to see what else the Author has in store for this series. This is an absolute MUST READ for anyone wanting to get sucked into a world of love, lust, hurt and redemption.





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