~*~*~Review~*~*~ Snare by Marata Eros

I’ve foSnare_2000llowed the Road Kill Series since it first started and have thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through. That being said, I have to say that Snare was by far, above and beyond my absolute favorite in th
e series, if not my favorite MC book I’ve ever read!!!

There was just something different about Snare, that took me a while to pin point.

Yes it’s MC. Yes it’s rough, and tough. And HELL yes it’s hot!!! But what really got me was the finesse with which it was written. Here we are in what is a rather dark world, yet the Author brought this subtle beauty to it with her words that literally left my jaw hanging. Snare was hot as hell right out the gate, however near the end of it, I was literally swooning while reading his POV. The fluidity that was used while writing his inner thoughts was something I so enjoyed. It really was the icing on the cake. It brought this hot, sexy read together with that little something extra that made it that much more special to me.

To top it off, you have a fairly original plot line that moved at a great pace and flowed really well. You have characters that you can’t help but love and enjoy, you’re overall left with a story that has left you laughing, cringing, panting and gasping.

I really do hope that the Author decided to continue on with this series. I would go nuts for the chance to get into the minds of some of the other brothers.



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