Blog Tour~ Bittersweet Catastrophe by Maureen Mayer

Title: Bittersweet Catastrophe (Second Chances #2.5)
Author: Maureen Mayer
Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age
Release Date: August 18, 2014
(fɔːˈrɛvə; fə-): without end; everlasting; eternally
might have taken twenty-two years to find Liberty, but now that
Shayne has her, he’s not willing to let her go without a
and Liberty finally found their forever, leaving Shayne’s past
indiscretions behind and moving forward to start a life together. But
what if forever wasn’t truly in the stars for them?
should be one of the happiest times in their lives as newlyweds
quickly turns into a race against time. Liberty must choose between
accepting her fate and protecting her family, and taking a risk that
could ultimately end in more heartache.
decision will test the strength of their trust, but is it enough to
keep Shayne from breaking down altogether and losing the woman he


Bittersweet Catastrophe (Second Chances, #2.5)Bittersweet Catastrophe by Maureen Mayer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book started off with Shayne watching his wife Liberty looking for something under the better. Finally she found it and now they were off to the OBGYN appointment. For over a year they had been trying to get pregnant. And they have been unsuccessful for a year. Finally after a year of trying they are Surprised and are now conceiving . Both decided to wait to tell anyone.
It was amazing how much Shayne loves his wife. He makes me wish my husband was more like him. You could tell he was devoted and madly in love with Liberty. I loved this 2.5 book it brought out every emotion possible. I cried, laughed and was rooting for the best possible out come. It was amazing when 2 people that finally got what they want most ended up with heart wrenching news. It made you realize what life meaning was and hope for the best possible outcome.
Shayne and Liberty story was beautiful and sweet and super romantic. It offered you love, romance, tears , and even sizzling hot sex. You must read book 1 and move to the next two books! I still am excited to read Brett’s story! Maureen is a amazing writer and I can stay i love every story she has written!HEatherPink

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Mayer was born, raised and currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her
loving and supportive family and boyfriend of 9+ years. She’s
always had a love for the outdoors, and when the city isn’t buried
under snow, she can be found hiking, fishing, camping or lying on the
beach. She’s a sucker for off-color humor, but holds a sweet spot
for sick and twisted horror films. When she’s not writing, you can
find her curled up in bed with her kindle, diving into a steamy
romance novel and falling in love with the latest book boyfriend.


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