Blog Tour & Review: Last Chance (Rock Romance) by A.L. Wood


Publication Date: March 7, 2014



This is Book #2 in the Rock Romance Series and not a stand alone. Book #1 First Chance must be read first. Warning: This is suitable for 18+ due to mature content. Ryan “Steele” Hurst has made mistakes in life and overcame it all, including his not so great childhood. Natalie Wright, a college student, has made choice’s that could ruin her life. Liam will stop at nothing to protect her. Layla only wants the best for her life long friend and will do whatever she can to make sure that happens. Loyalty will be questioned. Relationships will be tested. Betrayal will sting. Will Natalie survive? Will Ryan get his Happily ever after?
4-5 stars

With the first book ending in a cliff hanger, I was so happy to see the next book come out!  Picking up right where First Chance left off.. .which was super sad and extremely emotional for me.  This book is written in 4 point of views.  Layla (Nat’s best friend), Liam (friend and band member),  Ryan Steele,  and of course Natalie Wright.

Natalie Wright’s story from the previous book was very sad up to the point of her meeting Ryan. You think right off that they are meant to be,  then one wrong turn and all the anger and emotions come barreling out.

Liam point of view was more of a eye opener for me… He is a super sexy guy type of best friend that every girl needs.  Layla is always there for Nat showing how loyal she is throughout the whole book, standing by her through even when they have their ups and down.  This book gave me everything I needed from the roller coaster of emotions to the hot sex scenes.  Ryan is still is my personal favorite because of his macho  type attitude  which always gets me hooked and addicted.  I might change my mind depending on how Liam’s book turns out 🙂

If you want awesome Rock n’ Roll Romance, Then one-click First Chance today and follow up with Last Chance!

ARC was given to me by AL Wood for a honest review~ Heather W.

a.l.woodI have always been an avid speed reader, with far away dreams of authoring my own story. It was of frivolous talk throughout the years and one day I read a blog post written by one of my most favorite authors. Reading of her story inspired me, I then read her story to my husband and best friend. They gave me that final shove , a shove I am so very thankful for. One month later , and I am days away from releasing my first story.  Here’s to deciding what to be.

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